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This is Wen Wu’s web site for Martial Arts. We are interested in traditionnal and historical martial arts. We organize classes of:

  • Wang family's martial arts, that is to say, the practice of Wang Bo (the father) and Wang Yang (the daughter). For more informations about their practice,  visit the Wang family’s web site.
  • Silat Buka Lingkaran by Alvin Guinanao:
  • Kalarippayat of Kerala Kalarippayat Academy leaded by Mohamed Sheriff.

This site is mainly written in french and concerns our classes here in Toulouse (France).

We also have researches on historical european martial arts (HEMA), european and chinese art of spear and asian archery.

The main HEMA project is the interpretation of the Renaissance manual of Henry de Sainct Didier "Traité contenant les secrets du premier livre sur l’épée seule, mère de toutes les armes" from 1573. It is still in french and can be seen here.

We plan to translate some parts of these researches. At the moment, only a short test on chinese sabers is available in english.

No real problem of language with the cooool videos section even if the commentaries are in french. I hope you will like my little selection.