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Comparison of three daos: fig. one: from top to bottom, Zheng Wutang saber, Kris Cutlery dao II, antique Niuweidao from the end of XIXth century.


  total length blade length pob weight Distal taper
Zheng Wutang 95cm 77cm 17,5cm 920g little
Kris Cutlery dao II   73,5 cm 18 cm 930g little
Antique 83,5cm 69 cm 18 cm 660g strong


The two modern dao (that seem to be a mix of liuye dao and yanmao dao) are heavy in the hand, and have few maneuvrability. Antique dao (note that i have no proof that it is not a fake) is easy to handle and very quick. If i have to defend my life i should choose this one.