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Master Mohamed Sheriff

The Kalarippayat is at the same time a martial art and a therapeutic art, from Kerala, a state of the south-west of India. There exists three different styles: north, center and south, each having their own characteristics.

This martial art has a wide set of techniques: physical conditionning, mobility, strikes, parying (with hand, elbow, knee, foot), arm lock, take down. It also uses wooden weapons (long and short staff), metalic weapons (knife, dagger, sword and shield, flexible sword, spear, axe).

From a physical point of vue, the practice allows the development of coordination, power, flexibility, balance, breathing and heart capacity.

From a mental point of vue the practice develops the focus, self confidence and the control of emotions.

Finally, the practice of Kalarippayat and the associated methods of care using the knowledge of marmas (vital points), nadis (energy lines) and vayus (energy motion) have an action on the whole body (physical, energy).

We transmit the Kalarippayat of the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (KKA) leaded by Mohamed Shériff. This school is represented in France by Nelly Dargent.